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A lovely site owned by a lady named Judy. She has a GREAT site. With a wonderful search engine, and great navigation. All with links to Healthy Exchanges recipes, along with comments from the Healthy Exchanges board members about the recipes!

Favorite Foods
I have only tried their French Twist so far. I like the California Almond and Keylime the best! Granted you can only have one per a serving. But, they will help keep that pastry sweet tooth at bay. They are a very flaky pastry, in a variety of flavors for only 60 calories a serving. They also have two new products out, sugar free cookies, and Mangos. I have not seen these yet at my local store.

In my opinion the best calorie free herbal tea on the market. When I have no more calories left, and am craving sweet. Vanilla Hazelnut, English Toffee, and Almond Sunset hit the spot! Maybe you will find a flavor that makes your sweet tooth's day here as well!

The best Chia around. It's sugar free, with Splenda. And is delish. It's also very low in calories. 48 calories a serving! My favorite is the Orca Spice! Pair this with
Miss Meringue cookies, and you will be delighted!

This is absolutely wonderful. If you are looking for a fat free, decaf, sugar free, or low calorie cappucino fix, I can't give you a better recommendation then Fireside coffee! Absolutely wonderful! Of the sugar free flavors I like the Butter Rum the best. Of the ones with sugar I like the Coconut Cream the best, with close second runners up of Chocolate Covered Cherry, and Raspberry. These will cost you between 42 and 62 calories a serving. And are worth every one of them! And a bonus is, they also have fiber!

A excellent newsletter! And it's FREE! Monday thru Friday you will receive a newsletter in your email box, with all kinds of fantastic food finds, and research. Every thing from new products, that will be coming to the market soon, to better food choices, to replace worse food choices. One amazing E-newsletter!

These are very low calorie Tortillas. However, for burritos and Mexican food, don't expect them to fill the gap completely. I find these very nice however, for a nice sandwich wrap. They are low calories, and high fiber! The ones I get are 60 calories, and 8 grams of fiber! I like the garlic herb.

The best low fat, light cheese on the market in my opinion. With countless options for their use. I like using laugh cow light wedges in every thing from eggs in the morning, to tomato, pesto, ham sandwiches, to creamed spinach, to stuffed mushrooms. Absolutely endless options with this cheese, and VERY flavorful and creamy! Melts wonderfully!

They have the best pumpkin butter ever! It's only 15 calories a tablespoon! It does have sugar but not much. I love it. It's like pumpkin pie on a slice of toast. It's also fantastic on light english muffins! However, I don't care for their sugar free apple butter. Silver Dollar City's Apple Butter Shop in my opinion has the best sugar free apple butter. Louisburg's has a good flavor, but their texture is off when it comes to the sugar free apple butter. It's too runny in my opinion.

Mama Lupes-
So far I have not been able to find a working website for this product. However, in my opinion it's the best low calorie tortilla out there! It makes awesome burritos, tacos, and even great baked in the oven for taco salads, and chimichangas! Only 60 calories a serving, and 4 gms of fiber!

You absolutely won't find a lower calorie cookie then Miss Meringue's sugar free line! They are absolutely wonderful! And better yet, they even have fiber! They are only 35 calories for 13 cookies! My favorites are the Dulce Leche. However, word is they are coming out with some more sugar free flavors. Also sweetened with Splenda.

The best sugar free apple butter I have found. It's also only 15 calories a tablespoon. GREAT texture and flavor both! Call 1 800 475-9370. To place a order.

In my opinion this is the best low calorie ice cream there is! I haven't tried a flavor I haven't loved! It also has added fiber as well! The flavors with add ins like peanut butter cups, and cookies give lots of add ins, and big pieces! Most have sugar, but are low enough in carbs, and calories they do not rise my blood sugar at all!

These are GREAT. Low calorie high fiber! I don't care for their low carb line nor their vitatops. In my opinion both are too dry. However, their regular muffins are GREAT! And the 2 ounce ones are only 100 calories! My favorite is the Deep Chocolate, with close seconds coming in as Bran, and BlueBran! They have 4-7 gms of fiber per a muffin. Sugar free, Preservative and Additive free also! You will find them in your grocery freezer section or you can order directly online. However they must stay frozen till consumption time, since they are sugar, preservative, and additive free.

They have some items I don't care for, and others I can't live with out! For me personally I think they have the best sugar free Pancake syrup around. And it's zero calories. I also LOVE their Pesto, for only 10 calories a tablespoon!

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